Without the use of HTML, web applications are useless.
Styles and animations of CSS3. SASS and LESS, i guess moreless.
Javascript is language that can't be forgotten and therefore I do not take it as an obstacle in my way of webdev.
Of course, the popular jQuery library.
I don't use any frameworks and i will never use any of them. This could be my motto.
Whether it's MySQL or MariaDB, whether it's indexing, merging or perhaps filtering data or tables, it's all the same, the only difference is in the engines and how it's spelled. No science, but until NoSQL.
I like snakes. The solid one, the one which can take a human life.. but my favorite is this one. I enjoy working with it.
I make everything that has some form of a form. Nothing more, nothing less.
Compared to Windows, I prefer Linux, due to its simplicity. What would we do without a command line?
And if I don't know, I know there is Google and StackOverflow.